Wednesday, December 05, 2007


READ JOHN 13:1-20

Here is a picture of the Hands of God reaching down and washing the dirty feet of the disciples. There are two Greek Words for washing, 1) nipto which donates "washing of the feet and hands," 2)louo which denotes a "complete washing." "In speaking to Peter, Jesus used both nipto and louo to convey these two different kinds of washings. The two washings, one initial and the other continual, are very important to the Christian life...According to customs of those times, once a person had "bathed" his body, he needed only to "wash" his feet before partaking of a meal. Jesus was going around to all the disciples washing their feet until Peter protested. In His response to Peter, Jesus appropriately used both words, in order to advance a precious truth; as he who has been "bathed" needs only to "wash" his feet daily, so he who has been "bathed" by the Lord, needs only to "wash" himself day by day from the filth and defilement which he accumulates by his contact with the world. All the disciples except Judas, the betrayer, had been cleansed by Jesus. This cleansing probably indicates the washing of regeneration through Jesus' Spirit and word (John 15:3; Titus 3:5; Eph. 5:25-26). All true believers have received the same cleansing." (Holman Treasury of Key Bible Words.) He who is greatest among you will be willing to serve others in the same manner as Jesus did. This calls for discipling and point others to Jesus who "washes away" the defilement of the world they live in, whether it be the complete washing through salvation or through daily washing as a believer.
What is the key to Servanthood? HUMILITY - willing to humble yourself and obey God.

1) A true servant does not wait to be asked - there is a sensitivity to the needs of others and volunters to serve.

2) A true servant does not critize others for not serving.

3) A true servant serves without expectation of a blessing in return - content with the joy of giving.

4) A true servant learns to receive as well as give.

5) A true servant IS willing to serve those who will reject them. (See Col. 3:22-24)

6) A true servant lets the Lord choose who is to be served.


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